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Crazy Fast turnaround

On the turbulent oceans

of Animatic & Storyboard

production... we smile.

We make every sort of pre-production & pre-visualization here at Fates‘ Storyboard & Animatic division. Our decades of 2D & 3D animation production experience make us fast and adept filmmakers here to materialize your vision quickly. We will make sure your testing is accurate and editorial decisions are true. We are ready to build storyboards, animatics, designs, concepting… everything you will need to craft your vision.

We have a very DEDICATED art team, available 24/7/365 around the globe.

Lead by our Pre-Vis directors, illustrators, animators, compositors, editors, and most importantly... storytellers.

We use advanced Facial Expresion Analysis as part of our workflow.

We help agencies sell their creative to brands using some of the most unique & advanced systems available. We give our clients insight into what works... and what doesn't in every edit.

We will save your ass.

We specialize in the impossible. We've overcome insane deadlines for nearly every top 20 advertising agency. When you are in the clutch, and rational people will tell you it can't be done... give us a call. 813-253-3283 or 212-844-9002

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