Client: Translation
Skill: Endurance & Super Rush
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We made over a thousand ‘boards for the gang at Translation on the Bud Light campaign alone. Their creativity and ideas are inspiring to work with.


Translation often has a smooth, subtle humor in their campaigns. We have to work closely with their Creative Directors to nail the spirit they need to sell the client on some wild ideas.

Here was a fun one that illustrates a successful transition from ‘boards to a final commercial. Our artists loved the humor for Translation’s 2013 next chapter of the “It’s Only Weird if It Doesn’t Work” Campaign for Bud Light. As the campaign outlines: We know NFL fans believe that their superstitions—no matter how esoteric or nonsensical—have real-world consequences on the outcome of the game. If you’ve ever proudly donned your team colors on game day, grown a playoff beard, or snuck into your ex’s house to watch the game from your lucky seat, you know what it’s all about. “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work.”

Check out the frames:


…that were then turned into this brilliant commercial: