Client: Nationwide & Daily Planet
Skill: Long Running with Spokesman
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We created no less than 84 commercials for McKinney for the World’s Greatest Spokesman campaign for Nationwide Insurance.  It was a serious undertaking spanning nearly two years.

Some of the SFX are critical to relate in an animatic. Here was our way of showing how the WGS has the power to warp time & space in “Freeze Frame”:

We partnered with Daily Planet to do editorial and animation for some really kick-ass concepts that the wizards at McKinney would dream up. Here was a musical spot with a Ferris Bueller style street party that the WGS drums up like an insurance peddling pied piper:

And one we did with Tampa legend Jack Hanna and some “Parrots”:

Some silly “Shadow Puppets”:

Here’s the final product from “Freeze Frame”: