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Newcastle SuperBowl Campaign

While we have done pre-vis for SuperBowl spots before (in fact we did the boards for the Mars M&M’s spot for this year’s game… technically we had involvement in three Super Bowl XLVIII spots if you count Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee work we did), never have we had our actual storyboards aired as the final imagery. That would take some unique creative. Working with the brilliant comic geniuses over at Droga5 we were charged with making response commercials to the biggest ads of the year. Newcastle’s #ifwemadeit campaign is arguably the greatest trolling ever done in the advertising game. We loved every minute of it!

Here’s a great overview of how the campaign was supposed to go down:

If you saw the Chobani Yogurt Bear Spot here was the Newcastle ifwemadeit:

Or their take on the new Transformers film:

Or the GoDaddy Bodybuilders commercial?

Then the “Finger Cleaner” Doritos Spot was given a parody that just goes off on a crazy tangent:

Let’s just say that Newcastle knows how to do a proper British Villains commercial. Better luck next time Jaguar:

There was a fun twitter war after this response to GoDaddy’s Puppet spot: