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Nike Women Campaign

The reason we are top notch experts in storyboards & animatics is our long history in traditional animation production. Essentially, in animation we create everything from script to screen, drawing everything by hand. We got pretty good at envisioning how our storyboard process could be applied to live action commercial production. We then ended up doing more and more pre-production work for the ad agencies we serviced as an animation studio. Flash forward to today. We have a full fledged studio devoted to commerical pre-production & visualization.

Here is some of the early work for the AKQA helmed Nike Women campaign we did. There were a series of live-action & animated commercials that needed a special touch. AKQA gave us an open canvas to go absolutely nuts on. Click for large size:


Here’s how the animatic played out in motion:


…and in case you want to watch how the final turned out:

Image 01

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